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Silk &

Noble elegance

The finest blend

A luxurious union of silk and pure cashmere

Italian Excellence

We've selected the finest Cariaggi yarn for our silk cashmere collection, certain of the excellence this industry leader offers.
Founded in 1958, this company produces cashmere and blend yarns of only the highest quality, for truly luxurious knits.

Did you know that…?

Important facts

"Worsted" yarn

Soft, smooth and flawless
Guaranteed to last over time

Ideal for the creation of elegant knitwear, to make each petite detail stand out.

Yarn Count / Gauge

Perfect for any season
Your go-to for formal occasions

Our ultralight silk cashmere collection is knit in 16 gauge using Nm 2/56 count yarn.
Knitwear for connoisseurs.

Our colours

Four basic essentials

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